Next Generation Enterprise SAN/NAS/ Cloud Storage

​PAC Storage PS Enterprise series is a unified storage product integrating NAS, SAN, and Cloud Gateway into one system. It now supports Intel’s advanced CPU Skylake-D processor, which enhanced NAS performance (more than 60%).  This enhanced technology enables speeds of 8,000MB/s Read and 4,000MB/s Writes, making it suitable for ever-increasing workloads of contemporary datacenters. Our hybrid solution supports SSD, 10k and 7200 RPM enterprise drives with a 12Gb backplane.  We also support Auto-Tiering of performance volumes and at the same time, it is ideal for budget-conscious applications as it meets all general storage needs. Supported versatile host connectivity including 32Gb fibre, 10 and 25Gb SFP allows easy system integration with various data environments.

ALL Flash Next Generation SAN/NAS/Cloud Storage

The PAC Storage All Flash is a single 2U 25 bay unified all flash storage array integrating NAS, SAN, Object Storage and a Cloud Gateway into a single system. Equipped with Intel’s advanced Xeon CPU, our all flash second generation delivers optimized SSD performance of 900k IOPS for random reads and very low response time.  It offers rich data services, dual controllers plus versatile host connectivity including 25Gbe and 32Gb fibre.