Highly Available Comprehensive Cloud Integrated Unified Storage Systems

This 2000 series comprehensive unified storage with 12GB/s drive interface was designed with great performance and cloud integration in mind. It provides all the benefits of SAN, NAS, and object storage together in one single system, offering powerful storage features while simplifying management and deployment. Furthermore, high availability can be achieved with redundant dual controllers to ensure non-disruptive operations.

  • PAC Storage 2000 available in 2.5" 24 bay and 3.5" 12, 16 and 24 bay

PAC Storage 3.5" 12 Bay

Product Advantages

Unified Storage:

  • Integrates file, block, and object level into a cloud integrated unified storage system


  • The user-friendly EonOne management interface provides a single control center for system management and resources monitoring

Exceptional Cost Performance:

  • Powerful RAID systems featuring 12GB/s SAS drive side integration
  • All flash / hybrid flash supported
  • Flexible host interface options
  • Supports up to 444 drives with high density JBODs
  • Comprehensive data service features
  • Supports up to 128GB RAM

Cloud Integration:

  • Intelligent data allocation algorithms allows for excellent utilization of cloud

Availability & Reliability:

  • IDR support to make sure all hard drives are healthy to prevent from rebuild
  • Dual controllers and non-single-point-of-failure hardware design

DataSheet for GS Series

PAC Storage  3.5"  16 Bay

PAC Storage 2000 Unified Storage

PAC Storage 3.5" 24 Bay

PAC Storage  2.5"  24 Bay