Our Services Team at PAC Storage provides NAS storage and SAN storage support and customer care, including assistance with installation, configuration, warranty, and repair. We offer tech support for the life of your product during the hours 7 am to 6 pm PST Monday through Friday, and Our Field Systems Team is on call to assist with any urgent issues.

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Accelerate Your Enterprise Applications and Workflows with PAC Storage


Accelerate Your Enterprise Applications and Workflows with PAC Storage


With PAC Storage you can get the best of both on-premise and off-premise worlds in utilizing the hybrid cloud gateway with the freedom to choose your own cloud provider. Take advantage of the bi-directional hybrid cloud mobility alongside consistent storage services, resiliency, and APIs across your hybrid environment. PAC’s intuitive data management features help you keep everything managed, orchestrated, and protected to adapt to unpredictable business and application demands on the fly.


The PAC Storage All Flash and Scale-Out NAS bring the scalability and performance needed for the magnitude of AI. With many companies now utilizing AI to enhance their products and gain competitive advantages through better insights, a major challenge is an ability for data storage to deliver scalable speed with high IO in a simple and seamless environment for billions of objects and files. We deliver an easy to deploy scale-out platform that drives time to insight for modern analytics and AI workloads.


PAC Storage offers high performance, massive capacity, flexible and reliable data storage for virtualization platforms. PAC supports the following mainstream virtualization platforms with manufacturer certification including VMware ® vSphere™, Microsoft® Hyper-V®, and Citrix® XenServer™. This enables you to take advantage of the dramatic improvements in IT speed, efficiency, and flexibility that virtualization brings.


Our high-density comprehensive storage provides the large capacity, availability, and price-points required for surveillance. With no single point of failure, all of our storage arrays deliver greater than 99.999% availability. From 100 video cameras to 100,000, we designed our enterprise video-storage solutions to scale transparently meeting the demands from small to large-scale deployments.

Back-Up Recovery

PAC Storage provides a reliable addition for your backup solution. This allows enterprises to meet business SLAs, protect data against operational issues, disaster, and cyberattacks while staying within budget. PAC Storage partners with most backup software solutions including Veeam, Veritas, Commvault, and more. Within the controllers, PAC Software features snapshot, local and remote replication, and a cloud gateway for additional backup and disaster recovery.

PAC Storage provides immutable backup solutions for ransomware defense.  PAC Storage now supports the latest version of Veeam Backup and Replication (VBR) V12. This provides businesses with an increasingly popular immutable backup for protecting data and ensuring its fast recoverability in case of ransomware attacks. It delivers lower recover point objectives (RPSs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs).


PAC Storage has been designed with extensive virtualization features that make VDI configuration more user-friendly and more efficient. Our storage delivers optimal performance from light to heavy workload environments. We address Boot Storm, with features including SSD cache and SSD volumes for all the hot data at the moment of boot up. Auto-Tiering is available to ensure all hot data is stored in an SSD pool with less active data stored in 10k and near line 7200 RPM drives. Auto-Tiering can assign up to four different levels of performance tiers including; SSD, 10k, NL, and least active archive data stored on the cloud. Our storage is also compatible with industry-leading solutions including VMware, Windows Hyper-V, and Citrix.


For database storage, we provide consistent performance for optimizing your mission-critical applications and supporting Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases. Our Online Transaction Process (OLTP) is highly stable with high IOPS (up to 900K IOPS within less than 0.5ms latency in a 2U 25-Bay system). PAC Storage is very expandable allowing high scalability without performance degradation to meet the rapid response times required for database storage.